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PLDT Enterprise empowers SMEs towards long-term growth with tailored solutions

PLDT, Smart, and TikTok Philippines discussed how technology can empower local SMEs under its eBiz Bazaar and SMBiz programs.

As a beacon of digital progress in the Philippines, PLDT Enterprise remains committed in promoting digital innovation and inclusion for businesses nationwide, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Euan Toralballa, Head of Small and Micro Business at PLDT Enterprise, remarked, “At PLDT Enterprise, we don’t just see ourselves as service providers but as Visionaries. Our commitment to digital innovation and inclusion represents a fundamental shift in how we empower our stakeholders, particularly SMEs, in this rapidly evolving digital landscape.”

Furthermore, Toralballa emphasized, “Our role in this digitalization journey is to ensure that every Filipino, regardless of their economic status, has access to the digital world. This aligns perfectly with our goal of facilitating greater participation in e-commerce and ensuring collective progress.”

Catering to the Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Sulong, SME!

To further support SMEs in their digital transformation journey, PLDT Enterprise enables these businesses to achieve long-term growth with tailor-fit solutions fit for their needs through its “Sulong, SME!” campaign.

The campaign aims to help these businesses move forward in their digital transformation journey, enjoying smooth and fast surfing for their business anytime, anywhere with solutions such as BEYOND FIBER, Enterprise Broadband Plans, and Smart Enterprise Postpaid.

Road to a Digital Nation

Dedicated to enabling businesses digitally, PLDT, through its corporate arm, PLDT Enterprise, supported Cashless Expo 2023 to help advocate financial innovation for businesses.

The Cashless Expo 2023, a landmark event organized by GoDigital Pilipinas (GDP), showcased a wide array of digital financial services, payment solutions, and contactless innovations for consumers and SMEs, driving them towards the new era of digital economy.

The event was a collective effort with key government bodies like the Department of Trade and Industry, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, and the Department of Agriculture.

During the event, PLDT Enterprise shared its strategies on empowering SMEs and transforming small businesses to adapt to the digital realm. Acknowledging that internet penetration has already reached 73% in the Philippines at the start of 2023, according to Manila Bulletin’s Digital 2023, PLDT Enterprise has taken advantage of the new era of omnichannel sales, boosting and supporting SMEs to the maximum this past year.

Included in the overall SME Revival plan were the following steps presented during the program: Improvement of Business Climate, Access to Finance, Access to Management and Labor, Access to Market, and Access to Technology and Innovation.

PLDT Enterprise’s implementation of these steps has been fast-tracked with many milestones already achieved in the past year. For example, PLDT, Smart, and TikTok PH recently collaborated to promote digital upskilling among local farmers and SMEs as they joined the 6th Bicol Agri Summit.

Highlighting the vital role of technology in empowering Filipino SMEs, the PLDT Group also showcased its ‘eBiznovation’ initiative, a digital upskilling-to-e-commerce program that aims to provide local entrepreneurs, including those in the agricultural and fishery sector, with the right digital tools to help them grow their businesses online. PLDT and Smart also promoted the homegrown ‘Buy Local Bazaar’ program, which educates local SMEs to boost their income and increase their market reach by putting them on e-commerce platforms such as TikTok Shop.

PLDT Enterprise also recently joined the Provincial Government of Laguna, Laguna Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc.-LCCI, the Department of Trade and Industry Provincial Office of Laguna, and Enchanted Kingdom in the first-ever province-wide summit for SMEs. This platform has enabled attendees and partners to collaborate and gain access to learning opportunities on market reach, e-commerce, and financial technology.

The PLDT Group also showcased its ‘eBiz Buy Local Bazaar’ on TikTok Shop, a digital upskilling-to-e-commerce program designed to equip local business owners with the right digital tools to enhance their online business expansion.

Parallel to these efforts, PLDT Enterprise has also empowered the Transport Sector at the Bicol Cooperative Congress, introducing the Automated Fare Collection System.

“We, at PLDT and Smart, are committed to helping bridge the digital divide for farmers and SMEs. Through our capacity-building programs and connectivity packages and solutions, we aim to empower them to maximize the potential of technology and grow their businesses online,” said Kristine Magadia, Stakeholder Management Lead for Livelihood and Food Security at PLDT and Smart, during the Cashless Expo.

Uplifting Lives through Digital Adoption

PLDT’s recent involvement in the Cashless Expo is a testament to its commitment to the GDP movement and the Presidential Private Sector Advisory Council’s initiatives. This commitment is also reflected in PLDT’s multi-year transformation plan, focusing on elevating customer experiences and uplifting lives through digital adoption.

Included in this mission of PLDT is, of course, its choice of partners, who share the same vision and values. One such partnership is with the country’s no. 1 digital bank, Maya. The collaboration between PLDT Enterprise and Maya symbolizes a significant step towards a more digitally inclusive society. Their joint venture is not just a business alignment but a fusion of mutual goals and aspirations.

This synergy was prominently showcased at the Cashless Expo, where both Maya and PLDT Enterprise demonstrated their commitment to advancing digital finance and enhancing customer experiences. At this event, the two brands united their message: Embracing digital technology is key to fostering progress and accessibility in today’s fast-paced world. This partnership serves as a beacon of innovation, showcasing how collaborative efforts can lead to greater digital empowerment and societal upliftment.

PLDT Enterprise and Maya led the charge in championing the government’s push for greater financial services adoption as proud co-presenters of the pioneering Cashless Expo 2023, which was organized by GDP.

Underlining Maya’s active participation in the Expo and its dedication to advancing financial services adoption, Shailesh Baidwan, President of the Maya Group and Co-Founder of Maya Bank, stated, “Our goal is to catalyze the widespread adoption of digital transactions, thereby enabling more Filipinos to access advanced banking services like savings and credit.”

PLDT’s support for the GDP movement and the PSAC aligns with its aspirational transformation, focusing on elevating customer experience. This commitment dovetails with the PLDT Group’s goal to uplift Filipinos’ lives through digital services, ensuring the highest quality of internet and connectivity service for all.

In conclusion, PLDT Enterprise’s participation in the Cashless Expo 2023 is a bold step towards a digitally inclusive Philippines. Through such initiatives, PLDT continues to pave the way for a future where digital innovation is not just a concept but a reality accessible to every Filipino.

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