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The Ransom Collective’s Muri explores the dips and peaks of a solo music career in Europe


A LOT of things have been changing for singer-songwriter-violinist Muri (full name: Muriel Gonzales) since the pandemic started. She had moved to Europe to further her studies and began to embark on a solo music career at the same time.

“My experience has been in a band and in the context of the Philippines. It was really fun because things happen relatively smoothly. That’s why, with going solo, I didn’t know what to expect,” Ms. Gonzales said in an interview with BusinessWorld via Zoom on May 30.

“I guess the reality of being a solo newcomer was very challenging since you’re starting over from scratch,” she added.

The Ransom Collective, the indie folk band where she has been a violinist since 2013, has had to rethink their trajectory with each member finding themselves in different places. In 2022, they released “3 A.M.,” their first single since the pandemic. Meanwhile, Muri released the nostalgic, reflective tunes “Lately” and “Letters,” recorded in Paris.

Being somewhere else has naturally led her down her own path. “In a new country I feel like it’s a blank canvas. It’s challenging and interesting being able to write music from abroad,” she said.

Because personal experience informs Muri’s songwriting, listeners can expect to hear about the “dips and peaks of her experience in another country,” she said.

“The next few songs will take on this whole experience. It’s me being open about the things I go through.”

“Afternoon” is the title of her new track, the beginning of many more exploring this stage of Muri’s career, which will culminate in a solo EP. There are also plans to perform the new material in Europe and Asia within the year. 

Her classical violin training blends with jazz and soul influences, though The Ransom Collective fans may be able to pinpoint “an indie band vibe with how the instruments come together.”

Muri told BusinessWorld that the song’s main difference from her past work would be that it has a more synth-oriented indie songwriting style.

“There’s something unique about crafting a song in an intimate setting by yourself or with one or two others. It’s a bit more intentional,” she said.

As for how she transcends borders with audiences and listeners in Paris, London, and Manila, the key would be social media. “I see it as an important avenue for reaching and connecting with the right people,” she said.

“Afternoon” is out now on all digital music streaming platforms. — Brontë H. Lacsamana

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