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Step-by-Step Guide to Arrange Flowers Like a Pro


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Walking through the aisle of roses or appreciating the intoxicating scent of lilies, you’ll realize each flower presents its own unique experience. Combining these various bundles of joy and beauty flawlessly is nothing short of an art.

Treading past the flowers shops London, we see rows of gorgeous floral bouquets that tell a different story of themselves and remind you of special people. You can also create bouquets, vases, and floral arrangements that capture the eye of the beholder and convey their aesthetic beauty.

Here’s a simple guide that will help you to arrange flowers step by step and turn your arrangement into a lovely bouquet. Let’s dial into it right away.

Select your Assortment

It all begins with knowing what you want to create. Deciding on the shape, color scheme, and type of flowers is the first step before shopping for the flowers. It is quite trendy to use pastels as a background and pop some colors here and there to finish off the elegant look.

Once you have your arrangement design finalized, it is time to buy the beautiful flowers that work well in unison. Whether you want to go for complementary colors or monochromatic schemes, pick your flowers carefully and be aware of your preferred color scheme.

The key is to be open-minded and explore how creative you can be within your pleasant zone. Be specific in your search but artistic in ideas before moving to the next step.

Prepare Flowers

Now that you have the flowers, it’s time to cut them based on your assortment and prepare them for design. However, you need some vital steps for the longevity of flowers diving into the actual deal.

Start with removing the extra leaves, buds and damaged petals that can affect your flowers. Once the stem is cleared, make a diagonal cut at the bottom and place the stem in a freshwater bucket.

Get Your Vessel

Vessels impact the arrangement to several degrees. The shape and color of your vase can change the whole aesthetic of flowers and their color combinations. Not only that, some flowers need longer vessels for longevity and keeping in shape.

When selecting a vase, always keep your chosen flowers in mind. Let’s say you want to add Sunflowers or lilies to your arrangement; their tall branches and heavy flowers need the support of vertical and taller vessels.

When your vessel is decided, fill it with fresh water, line it with moss, and add support over the top to hold flowers in their place. You can use tape or repurpose the plastic bottles to make a grid.

Begin with Base

The best base for flower arrangement of flowers is greenery. Start by synchronously adding some branches. The commonly used greens are:

Fern fronds
Lemon Leaf
Bells of Irelands
Dusty Miller
Chocolate Mint

Use the greens to create an inverted triangular shape so that there’s plenty of space in between for flowers.

The base not only adds a solid background color to your arrangement but also gives it a horizontal and vertical presence simultaneously.

Add Your Flowers

Now is the moment we have been preparing for, FLOWERS!!!

Use bigger blooms in the periphery with small patches of smaller flowers blended naturally, and then add the top layer. In floral arrangements, adding odd numbers can bring out a more natural and non-symmetrical look.

Don’t make your flowers stick out too much or too little; create a balance so they look well-supported without drooping or sticking out.

Sprinkle Filler Flowers

Filler Flowers add a breath of fresh air to any floral arrangement.

White Filler Flowers:

Some white filler flowers you can use are:

Baby’s breath
White Dill
Lily of the Valley
White Astilbe
Wild Aster

Cream / Blush Filler Flowers

If your arrangement leans more towards solid colors, cream or blush-colored filler flowers can be a better option. A few of such flowers are:

Peach Mini Carnations
Apricot Statice
Bunny Tail Grass
Blush Astilbe

Yellow Filler Flowers

Yellow filler flowers can give a beautiful and fresh touch to the flower arrangements. Some white filler flowers are:

Zinnia Golden Hour
Yellow Dill
Lady’s Mantle
Yellow Pom Poms
Sunday Gold Celosia
Yellow Quatre Coeurs Garden Spray Roses

Finish the Design

After placing the filler flowers, your design is now completed, Viola!

Now, finish your design with minor amendments where the flowers look slightly out of place. Once you are satisfied, give a gentle mist of water to your beautiful arrangement to make it look fresh and dewy. The key is to keep your flowers hydrated and fresh.

Final Thoughts

Floral arrangements can only last so long, and they start wilting after a day or two. However, proper care can keep your flowers fresh for a longer period.

Keep changing the water, keep your flowers moisturized and Good luck with your effort!

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