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DBM pay hike review nears end


THE ONGOING study on increasing government workers’ salaries will be completed by the end of June, the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) announced on Tuesday.

“The Compensation and Benefits Study on the possible salary adjustment for government workers is ongoing,” the DBM said in statement. “It involves benchmarking activities against the private sector and seeks to establish a fair and sustainable pay structure that will enhance the welfare and productivity of government workers, considering the effects of inflation.”

The review is exploring potential improvements in current salaries, benefits, and allowance schemes.

Results of the study will inform adjustments to the Total Compensation Framework for civilian government personnel.

The Governance Commission for GOCCs has engaged a consultant to conduct the study. If salary adjustments are enacted, the DBM said it is prepared to support implementation. “We will find a way to fund its implementation, subject to excess revenue to be collected by the national government.”

Separately, the DBM has approved the creation of 89 new positions to support the National Museum of the Philippines (NMP). In a statement, the DBM said these new plantilla positions will bolster existing staff and enhance operations.

“We believe that these organizational and staffing changes will significantly enhance the National Museum’s operations, allowing the agency to better serve the public and fulfill its mission to preserve and promote our cultural heritage,” Budget Secretary Amenah F. Pangandaman said.

The Budget Chief issued the Notice of Organization, Staffing, and Compensation Action on May 21. This notice outlined the roles, functions, and activities of the new positions. The DBM also approved the reclassification and conversion of certain positions to include tasks such as providing lectures or gallery talks, preparing reports and other documents, and handling other technical and support duties.

The NMP oversees four major museums in the capital region — fine arts, anthropology, natural history, and the National Planetarium — as well as several regional, area, and site museums across the country. — Beatriz Marie D. Cruz

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