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Pioneer Insurance introduces Dog and Cat Insurance to strengthen responsible pet ownership advocacy


Pioneer Insurance recently launched a pet-friendly product called PetiCash Dog and Cat Insurance to reinforce its support to Filipino fur parents when it comes to pet care.

Pioneer Accident & Health — Retail Head Jo-I A. Kapunan said that Pioneer PetiCash Dog and Cat Insurance is the result of the company’s advocacy of pet welfare and responsible pet ownership which is part of the company’s even bigger campaign for inclusive insurance. 

“When a simple bonding moment with your BFF (Best Fur Friend) results in an emergency, fur parents can confidently rely on Pioneer’s PetiCash Dog and Cat Insurance,” Kapunan said. 

In a recent study conducted by Vero on pet ownership culture in the Philippines, 83% of pet owners consider their pet/s as their “child”, with 48% spending up to P5,000 monthly on their pet’s needs. 

With the rising trends in pet care, Pioneer Group Head Lorenzo Chan, Jr. said Pioneer understands the financial implications of building a sustainable lifestyle that supports both you and your fur baby’s overall well-being. 

“Our dogs and cats are not just our pets; they are family and Pioneer’s PetiCash is dedicated to helping pet parents fulfill the responsibility of providing adequate and the right kind of care, concern, and sustenance for their pets, without breaking the bank,” Chan said.

At the recent 2024 Pet Summit Philippines, which drew over 17,000 pets, Pioneer joined in the festivities by offering brief consultations on pet insurance. They also conducted a raffle where one lucky pet parent won a PetiCash plan that covers Accidental Injury, Covered Illnesses, and Acute Dental Conditions.

Chan said that Pioneer proudly opens its pet insurance coverage to all dog and cat breeds including aspins, puspins, and older pets as long they have vet required vaccines and are no older than six (6) years old. “Once insured, their coverage can be renewed up to age 12,” Chan added.

With four (4) plans to choose from, PetiCash offers vet reimbursement for covered accidents and fur parents may also customize their plans by adding benefits such as coverage for illnesses, acute dental conditions, accidental death or essential euthanasia, international travel emergency vet treatment, petnap, or pet owner’s liability.

To find out how you can PETsonalize your Pioneer PetiCash Dog and Cat Insurance, visit bit.ly/PetiCash_DigitalMag.

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