Home Economy Landco Pacific launches Punta Fuego luxury beachfront residential condominium — The Residences

Landco Pacific launches Punta Fuego luxury beachfront residential condominium — The Residences

The Residences Luxury Beachfront Condominium at Terrazas de Punta Fuego

Landco Pacific Corporation, a subsidiary of Manny V. Pangilinan-led Metro Pacific Investments Corporation (MPIC) has recently introduced The Residences at Terrazas de Punta Fuego, marking a new era in upscale beachfront living. Set in the prestigious Punta Fuego community in the Philippines, this launch represents the final opportunity to become part of an elite legacy.

“Punta Fuego resonates with us, it’s something special, it’s a creation that’s more popular than the creator but that’s fine with us. What is special about Punta Fuego when all developments in Nasugbu face the Nasugbu bay? Why is it that when you cross the fence to Punta Fuego, the price of the lot is four times higher?” Manzano expressed.

“It can be about our legacy as developers and being a subsidiary of MPIC or probably the marina or the golf course. But my personal take is that it’s probably because who your neighbors are, because of who lives in the area. This Punta Fuego, you add Peninsula, Terrazas and now The Residences. This latest development is Landco’s last piece of property in Punta Fuego, and it’s providential that it’s in a beachfront. It is the culmination of the Punta Fuego development, we are offering you the privilege to be part of this exclusive community, that I think centuries from now will continue to be relevant,” Manzano elaborated.

Luxury meets nature

The Residences is poised as a pinnacle of luxury, offering exclusive one to three-bedroom apartments within its beachfront condominium, comprising three clusters. These residences boast low-density living, panoramic views of Nasugbu Bay, and a seamless blend of Spanish Mediterranean and Asian Tropical architecture.

Punta Fuego, developed by Landco Pacific Corp. and Roxaco Land Corp. in the 1990s, stands out among Nasugbu’s developments for its prestigious marina, golf course, and distinguished community, commanding a fourfold price premium over adjacent areas.

The new project is touted as a high-value investment, given the track record of Punta Fuego which exceeded 1,000% value appreciation since it was developed in the 90s, and offers a legacy to be passed to future generations.

The Residences Pool Deck with a sea view

At The Residences, luxury meets nature. Residents can enjoy close proximity to the beach, 800 meters of fine white sand, and lush landscapes. Each unit has a guaranteed sea view and features expansive living spaces with generous ceiling heights, large windows, and private balconies, ensuring privacy and a serene environment. The property is also designed with modern amenities like a Lobby Lounge, Garden Courtyards, a conference room, a pool with a function room, and a spa and sauna, offering a balanced blend of business and leisure facilities.

Dedication to sustainability

Emphasizing sustainable development, The Residences is pursuing EDGE Certification with a commitment to energy and water efficiency, tree preservation, and support for electric vehicles. The incorporation of a double-pipe water system, rainwater harvesting, and environmental initiatives further demonstrates Landco’s dedication to sustainability.

“Sustainability is part of Landco’s DNA not because we have to, but because it’s the right thing to do,” stated Manzano.

An exclusive, idyllic community

Unit owners will enjoy the privileges of Club Association Membership, granting access to the exclusive amenities of Club Punta Fuego and the Landco Privilege Club Program. With the commitment to maintain its high environmental and community standards, The Residences represents not just a home but a legacy within an idyllic seaside sanctuary.

For more information about Landco Pacific Corporation, renowned for pioneering premium landscapes for more than 30 years and its last call for the most prestigious beachfront condominium — The Residences at Terrazas de Punta Fuego, visit https://theresidencespuntafuego.landco.ph/ or  https://www.facebook.com/LandcoPacificCorporation.

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